Thursday, March 29, 2012

Trivial Pursuit 122

Founded in 1978, 'Hidesign' is a global leather goods manufacturing company based in Pondicherry.

The founder of the company grew up in Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry. He started 'Hidesign' as a hobby in 1978. What started out as a 'simple' hobby has today reached a turnover of more than 100 crores.

Other than the brand 'Hidesign', the boutique departmental store 'Casablanca' and the hotels 'La Promenade' and 'Le Dupleix' in Pondicherry, also belong to the same person.

This person’s daughter from his German wife Jacqueline, has her own accessories brand distributed across the country. This particular brand is named after his daughter.

His daughter also happens to be an Actress who has shown her mettle by winning a Filmfare Best Supporting Actress trophy, which she won for her performance in a 2005 film.

Identify both of them.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trivial Pursuit 121

"Mujhe Umeed Ke Raste Pe Tu Le Chal Musafir

Jahan Par Betiyan Bhi Khwab Dekhein, Pankh Failayein
Is Jahaan Mein Woh Jo Karna Chahein, Sab Kar Paayein

Jahan Par Dhaan Ki Baali Se Chhan Ke Dhoop Aati Ho
Jahan Mehnat Paseene Se, Kamaayi Khoob Aati Ho

Jahan Ho Sab Baraabar Yun, Jahan Na Koi Chota Ho
Jahan Umeed Ke Darr Se Koi Khaali Na Lauta Ho

Jahan Par Roshni Se Jagmagaye Gaon Ki Galiyan
Jahan Ganna Ho Meetha, Aisa Jaise Khab Ki Faliyan

Bataa De Sabko, Likhe Hain Sandese Aasmanon Pe
Ki Abke Barsegi Umeed Ki Baarish Makaano Pe

Hai Dor Umeed Ki, Aur Yeh Sapne Dekthe Hain Khwaish Zara Si
Bus Itna Maangta Hoon Ki Mere Aaj Se Behtar Ho Mera Kal Musafir

Mujhe Umeed Ke Raste Pe Tu Le Chal Musafir.."

Journalist and Lyricist Neelesh Misra penned this song for a specific purpose. Recently, this song was heard by a lot of people from a particular State of India.

Name the State and the reason why Neelesh Misra wrote this song ?

Additional Trivia :

** Journalist and Songwriter Neelesh Misra was once married to NDTV News Anchor
Nidhi Razdan.

** The following are some of the Hindi film songs penned by Neelesh Misra.

Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai - Jism

Chalo Tumko Lekar Chalein - Jism

Maine Dil Se Kaha - Rog

Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai - Woh Lamhe

Lamha Lamha - Gangster

Bepanah Pyaar Hai Aaja - Krishna Cottage

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Trivial Pursuit 120

‘X’ came to Mumbai to try his luck in the Hindi film industry.

He wanted to become an Actor and soon got a chance to act.

He appeared in ‘Jugnu’ (1973) with Dharmendra and Hema Malini and ‘Anjaan Raahen’ (1974) with Feroz Khan and Asha Parekh - but didn’t make it big.

So he decided to put his graduation degree to use and changed his field of work instead.

In 1980, ‘X’, a resident of Bandra, graduated from K.C. College, Mumbai, and went to Jeddah, where he worked as an Accountant for a Private Company.

Soon after he returned, the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts happened and changed his life forever.

Identify ‘X’.

Additional Info about 'X' :

1980 - 1990 : Worked as Purchasing & Supplies Accountant at King Khalid National
Guard Hospital - Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)

1991 : Worked as Management Co-ordinator at Lilavati Hospital - Mumbai

1992 : Worked as Executive at Yusuf-bin-Habib Al-Yusuf - Dubai ( U.A.E.)

1993 onwards : Working in his current field of work.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Trivial Pursuit 119

‘X’ is the Urdu word for Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love and Beauty.

It also means ‘bright’, ‘shining’ and ’brilliant’.

‘Y’ is the Urdu word for the ‘forehead’.

‘X Y’ together means a person with a forehead that reflects the beauty of Venus.

The term ‘X Y’ has been beautifully used in a popular Hindi film song.

Identify the term ‘X Y’.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Trivial Pursuit 118

'Deewaron Ke Beech' is a book of poems penned by Shri Muqtida Hasan ‘X Y’.

"Tumhari qabr par, Main fateha padhne nahin aaya
Mujhe maloom tha, Tum mar nahin sakte

Tumhari maut ki sachchi khabar jisne udaai thi, Woh jhootha tha
Woh tum kab the, Koi sookha hua patta hawa se hil ke toota tha

Meri aankhen, Tumhare manzaron mein qaid hain ab tak
Main jo bhi dekhta hoon, Sochta hoon
Woh.. Wahi hai..

Jo tumhari neknaami aur badnaami ki duniya thi
Kahin kuch bhi nahi badla, Tumhare haath meri ungliyon mein saans lete hain
Main likhne ke liye jab bhi, Kalam kaghaz uthaata hoon
Tumhe baitha hua main, Apni hi kursi mein paata hoon

Badan mein mere, Jitna bhi lahu hai
Woh tumhari Laghzishon, Nakaamiyon ke saath behta hai
Meri aawaz mein chhup kar, Tumhara zehan rehta hai

Meri bimaariyon mein tum, Meri laachaariyon mein tum
Tumhari qabr par jis ne tumhara naam likha hai
Woh jhootha hai..

Tumhaari qabr mein.. Main dafan hoon.. Tum zinda ho !!
Mile fursat kabhi, To fateha padhne chale aana.."

Muqtida Hasan ‘X Y’ wrote this poem upon the death of his father. When ‘X Y’ was quite young, his father died in Pakistan.

The sad division of the country did not allow 'X Y' to get a visa (from India), to visit his father upon the news of his death. So he wrote this poem for him.

As a young boy, ‘X Y’ was once passing by a Temple where a Surdas ‘Bhajan’ about Radha and Krishna was being sung. The beauty of the ’Bhajan’ inspired ‘X Y’ to start writing poems.

Here are some of X Y's most famous works :

"Duniya jise kehte hain, jaadu ka khilona hai
Mil jaaye to mitti hai, kho jaaye to sona hai.."

- A famous 'Couplet' written by 'X Y'.

Some of the songs written by 'X Y' (Mirza Ghalib’s work often gets mentioned by 'X Y') :

"Tu is tarah se meri zindagi mein shaamil hai" - 'Aap To Aise Na The' (1980)

"Kabhi kisi ko muqammal jahaan nahi milta" – 'Ahista Ahista' (1981)

"Tera hijr mera naseeb hai" / "Hariyala banna aaya re" – 'Razia Sultan' (1983)

"Chup tum raho, chup hum rahein" – 'Is Raat Ki Subah Nahin' (1996)

"Hoshwalon ko khabar kya" – 'Sarfarosh' (1999)

"Meri aankhon ne chuna hai tujhko duniya dekhkar" – 'Tarkeib' (2000)

"Aa bhi jaa, Aa bhi jaa" / "Jaane kya dhoondta hai yeh mera dil" – 'Sur' (2002)

‘X Y’ won the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1998 for his poem "Khoya Hua Sa Kuch".

Identify ‘X Y’.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Trivial Pursuit 117

Mr. Vijay Anand was famous for his skills at shooting song sequences.

In fact, many people consider him to be the greatest picturiser of songs in the history of Indian Cinema.

In the film 'Guide' (1965), during the song 'Aaj Phir Jeene Ki Tamanna Hai', there is a scene where Dev Anand sees the reflection of Waheeda Rehman in one of the mirrors (watch clip at 00:12).

Vijay Anand shot this scene because he was inspired by a famous incident from the history of India.

Identify the place where the song was picturised and the 'historical incident' which inspired Vijay Anand to shoot the 'mirror reflection' scene.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Trivial Pursuit 116

Deepak Nikhalje is a former Republican Party of India (RPI), candidate from the Chembur constituency of Mumbai.

Deepak Nikhalje's sister Sunita Chavan, contested the recently held polls of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), one of the biggest and richest civic bodies in the country.

The polls were held on February 16, 2012, and Sunita Chavan contested on a ticket given by the Republican Party of India, a constituent of the Shiv Sena-Bharatiya Janata Party alliance.

In 1999, Deepak Nikhalje Produced the Sanjay Dutt starrer ‘Vaastav’.

Deepak Nikhalje’s elder brother is also a known name in India.

Who ?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Trivial Pursuit 115

( For larger view, right click image and open in another tab )

In the Filmfare Award (Hindi Films), for Best Music Director category, A. R. Rahman leads the winners with 10 Best Music Director Filmfare awards.

Except once, A. R. Rahman has won this award every time he was nominated.

Name the film for which A. R. Rehman could not win the Filmfare “Best Music Director” Award for that particular year ?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Trivial Pursuit 114

The Question is in two parts.

Part 'A' :

The title credits of "Kabhi Ajnabi The" (1985), featured the names of three Test Cricketers.

Sandeep Patil played the main lead.

Syed Kirmani played the role of an underworld character and stole the thunder with his bald pate and wicked glint.

Name the famous international cricketer who appeared as himself in a brief role in the film.

Part 'B' :

Smt. Rajlaxmi Vijay Singh Patwardhan with her husband Shri Vijay Singh Patwardhan.

Shrimant Raja Vijaysinghrao Madhavrao Patwardhan is the Maharaja of the former Indian Princely State of Sangli.

Vijay Singh Patwardhan has composed Music and Produced & Directed the films 'Dimple' (1977) and 'Kabhi Ajnabi The' (1985).

He has composed music for 12 films and launched many new singers, including Sharon Prabhakar. He has also introduced lyricist Dev Kohli to the industry.

Here are some of Mr. Vijay Singh's films as a Music Director :

Road To Sikkim (1969)

Khoon Khoon (1973)

Apman (1982)

Hum To Chale Pardes (1988)

Ghar Aaya Mera Pardesi (1993)

A picture taken at the launch of 'Kabhi Ajnabi The' (1985).

This picture which was taken at the launch party of the film "Kabhi Ajnabi The", shows choreographer Vijay-Oscar, Producer-Director & Music Composer Vijay Singh Patwardhan in a Nehru jacket and his little daughter standing aside as the lead actors Poonam Dhillon and Sandeep Patil (donning a leather studded skirt, arm bands, wrist bands and a sash around his chest) get ready to cut the cake.

To welcome Sandeep Patil to the industry, the cake had been designed as a Cricket field.

Shri Vijay Singh Patwardhan's daughter Rajkumari 'X' Raje Patwardhan (seen as a little girl in the pic), grew up to be an Actress. She made her feature film debut with a Blockbuster Hindi film of the 80's.

Identify 'X', the daughter of Shrimant Raja Vijaysinghrao Madhavrao Patwardhan of Sangli.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Trivial Pursuit 113

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Film - Music Director(s) - Song

Mere Dil Leke Dekho (2006) - Jatil-Lalit - "Dil Leja Leja"

Life Partner (2009) - Pritam Chakraborty - "Aage Aage Dekhe Jaa"

Kisaan (2009) - Daboo Malik - "Punjabi Munde"

All the above mentioned songs have been sung by Shakti Singh.

Mr. Shakti Singh presently works for the Customs Dept. in Mumbai.

He is also a BCCI Match Referee in the domestic circuit.

Shakti Singh also happens to be a former pace bowler who took 200 wickets in 58 first-class matches while representing Himachal Pradesh and Delhi.

On 28th November, 1990, in a Himachal Pradesh vs Haryana Ranji Trophy match played at Dharamsala, Shakti Singh made an Indian first-class Cricket record, which stands till date.

What record does Shakti Singh hold in Indian Cricket ?

Monday, March 5, 2012

Trivial Pursuit 112

Soon after her marriage in 1974, ‘X’ left Mumbai and moved to a farm in Bangalore. There she started ‘Good Earth Foods’ and launched a brand called ‘Farm House Cereal’. The company soon attained an impressive turnover.

In 2005, International Biotech firm ‘Avesthagen’ acquired ‘Good Earth Foods’ from ‘X’ and her partner Ashraffa Sattar.

X’s husband Mr. Shashi Rekhi was a small time Actor who appeared in a few films in the 50’s and 60’s.

‘X’ is also a known name in the world of Indian Cinema.

Identify ‘X’.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Trivial Pursuit 111

Tum logon ki, iss duniya mein

Har kadam pe, insaan galat
Main sahi samajh ke, jo bhi karoon
Tum kehte ho galat !!

Main galat hoon toh phir kaun sahi
Marzi se jeene ki bhi main
Kya tum sabko arzi doon
Matlab ki tum sab ka mujh pe
Mujh se bhi zyada haq hai

Sadda Haq, Aithe Rakh !!

In the movie 'Rockstar' (2011), Jordan (Ranbir Kapoor) is shown doing a 7 city tour.

During the song 'Sadda Haq', he is shown giving a live performance at 3 different locations.

The places where Jordan performs are :

01. Gloria Church

02. Seat of Happiness Temple, Norbulingka Monastery

03. Central Park

With the help of the following clues, identify the location of the above mentioned places.

01. Clue for the location of 'Gloria Church' :

Identify the blacked out place at the Central Line of the Mumbai Suburban Railway.

02. Clue for the location of the 'Seat of Happiness Temple', Norbulingka Monastery :

Sir Donald Friell _____ , Governor of Punjab, surrounded by admiring Sikh elders.

03. Clue for the location of the 'Central Park' :

The Duke of _______ (Arthur 1850 - 1942, son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert).

Where exactly in India will you find Gloria Church, Norbulingka Monastery and Central Park - places where the song 'Sadda Haq' from the movie 'Rockstar' (2011) was shot ?